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Handmade felt wall art  wrapped around  cedar wood.


Play around with a multitude of arrangements to suit your mood.


Golden locks hand dyed from a local Gotland sheep named 'Dilly'. Black locks from a local Gotland lamb named 'little Joe'. Using local wool hand processed wool to build up the surface and finished with Corriedale wool and other fibres as embellishments: Tencel, Silk sari and Cotton cheesecloth.


SIZE: 2"(h) x 1 3/4(w) x 1 3/4(d)

            3"(h)x 1 3/4(w) x 1 3/4(d)

            4"(h)x 1 3/4(w) x 1 3/4(d)


GOLD Coast Series-Birch Sticks (3 pc set)

  • This item can be returned within 14days, and the price of purchase will be refunded when received.

    Please note, none of the shipping cost can be refunded and is the buyer's responsibility.


    Sorry I'm an Artist, not Amazon.

  • Wool is dirt repellent, so a light dusting is all you need.

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