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The process of making a large wall covering with only 2 hands.

This is the home stretch week before the EastSide Culture Crawl here in Vancouver and a good excuse to work on some new stuff to showcase. I asked for a large wall space in our hall gallery, so now I have to fill it!

Making "big shit" is not so easy by yourself. I love the logistic of figuring out the process. I would usually ask for help, needing an extra set of hands, to do the first few rolls until the wool starts binding together, but I think I got this figured out. Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Going BIRCH... building on a body of work exploring the texture and look of the birch tree. From a first wall hanging, to some cylinder birch lamps to now a 5' x 8' wall covering... W.I.P.... Come see the final result at the Crawl Nov 16th-19th, 2017 @ the Arts Factory-Studio A 281 Industrial Ave., Vancouver, BC.

Stay tuned!

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