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Standing Tall

Just put the piece up on the gallery wall. It is the first time I can actually see what it really looks like. Everything worked out amazingly well, just one step at a time, little by little, coming together in a finished 65" x 96" wall hanging, title Standing Tall-memories of my dad. It will be featured this weekend at the 2018 Eastside Culture Crawl @The Arts Factory gallery.

So finally the use on a very long pole was the ultimate tool to accomplish this task by myself. A couple little mantra voices in my head of past teachers, one to be patient, the other to work the fine details, also helped... a lot.

A single standing Birch relief wall hanging "Standing Tall" -100% local wool Corriedale (white) Perendale (black) hand felted with some exotic fibres like Bamboo and Silk.

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